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quantum lift corp.


The leading company in the design, industrialization, and manufacturing of multi-brand diagnostic tools, TEXA is present all over the world through an extensive distribution network. Quantum Lift Corp is a proud partner, carrying TEXA products like AXONE VOICE, Navigator TXT MULTIHUB, E-Tracking Technology, the ADAS Calibration Kit, and of course the CCS 2 Dynamics for Trucks.

TEXA Diagnostics

TEXA stands at the forefront of automotive diagnostics, empowering mechanics, technicians, and vehicle enthusiasts with cutting-edge solutions designed to tackle the complexities of modern vehicles. Their flagship offering, the IDC5 software, represents the pinnacle of automotive diagnostic technology. Engineered with precision and packed with innovative features, IDC5 provides unparalleled insight into vehicle systems, allowing users to diagnose issues quickly and accurately. From engine management to ABS, airbag systems to climate control, IDC5 covers a vast array of systems and components across multiple vehicle makes and models.

axone Voice

AXONE VOICE is the first hands-free solution in the world of multi-brand and multi-environment diagnosis.

Navigator TXT Multihub

TXT MULTIHUB is the only diagnostic tool capable of intervening on cars, heavy duty- vehicles, motorcycles, boats and much more.

e-Truck Tracking

Monitor your truck status remotely. eTRUCK is the ideal solution for both drivers and fleet managers to carry out actions aimed at optimising the vehicle use and reduce costs.


A new tool designed specifically for Bike and Marine diagnostic environments integrating a 16-pin CPC connector, 16 MBit SRAM and 8 GBit NAND FLASH storage memory.


Is designed to guarantee safety and comfort while driving. The TEXA ADAS solutions make performing static and dynamic calibrations and resetting easy, and correctly. The new RCCS 3 EVO is the top of the range solution, built with the best production technology. It allows a wide range of uses and communicates directly with TEXA’s IDC5 software. Seamless communication between software, hardware and tech guarantees accuracy in safety for both drivers and technicians.