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Based in Edmonton, Alberta

Quantum Lift Corp is a leading provider of light and heavy duty lifting solutions. From personal garage hobby lifts, to customized industrial applications, Quantum Lift covers the spectrum. We offer lift installations, parts & service, and inspection.

We don’t just lift cars and trucks! We lift modular homes, Oil & Gas modules, light rail systems, excavation equipment, along with RV & holiday trailers, forklifts, modular homes, and anything else where heavy lifting is needed! 

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Heavy Duty & Industrial

Quantum Lift proudly supplies a diverse range of lifting equipment. Our offerings include 2 post lifts, 4 post lifts, scissor lifts, bridge deck jacking beams, in-ground cassette lifts, short/mid-rise lifts, and alignment lifts. Backed by industry leading lifting technologies, our Heavy Industrial line ensures top-notch lifting solutions.

At Quantum Lift, we stand firmly behind our military members, providing unwavering support and the finest lifting solutions for heavy and ultra-heavy lifting needs. Whether servicing loaders, tractors, or forklifts, our wireless mobile column lifting solutions or robust 4-Post and scissor lifts are designed to meet and exceed expectations. Count on us for world-class lifting solutions tailored to your requirements.

Commercial & Fleet

Quantum Lift proudly supplies a diverse range of commercial and fleet solutions. With our focus on providing quality craftmanship and leveraging our many lift suppliers, we are confident that an economical and viable solution can be provided to you. We specialize in offering a variety of options specifically designed to meet the needs of dealerships and tire shops, ensuring a tailored solution for every client.

hobby & Enthusiasts

We specialize in delivering versatile 4-Post mobile lifts with a wide range of options and add-ons. Whether you require advanced environmental lift solutions or customizable mobile lifts, Quantum Lift ensures access to top-tier equipment, guaranteeing optimal performance and reliability for your lifting needs.

parts & services

Quantum Lift is committed to our customers success! Our team offers a wide variety of parts and services for all makes and models. We’re proud of the skillsets our well trained technicians offer; we are always here to help!