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Heavy duty & industrial

quantum lift corp.

heavy duty & industrial solutions

Welcome to your premier provider of heavy-duty and industrial lifts, where quality meets reliability. Quantum Lift Corp. is a leading provider of lifting solutions, and proudly offer a comprehensive range of lifts from renowned manufacturers like Atlas, Rotary, Mohawk Lifts, Challenger Lifts, and Quantum Lifts. Our extensive selection caters to diverse needs, boasting the capability to effortlessly hoist military vehicles, buses, and a multitude of industrial vehicle machinery. We also carry heavy duty tire equipment from reputable RAV America. With a commitment to excellence we stand ready to deliver on your lifting needs.

our trusted partners

proudly designed, welded and manufactured in the U.S.A.

Mohawk is one of the foremost suppliers of heavy-duty auto lifts offering unparalleled excellence. Renowned for a stellar combination of cutting-edge safety systems, meticulous design, robust construction, and the industry’s most comprehensive warranty, Mohawk has earned its position as the top choice in the lift industry.
Through a strategic partnership with Mohawk Lifts, we at Quantum Lifts offer a wide variety of Mohawk products such as their TR Series Lifts, Vertical Rise Lifts, and Parallelogram Lifts for unmatched power and safety.

automotive lift company

Challenger Lifts has dedicated years of effort and innovation into crafting their extensive collection of automotive lifts, reflecting our unwavering commitment to providing ingenious lifting solutions. With them we aim to optimize shop productivity, prioritize safety, and unlock greater revenue opportunities for you. With our Challenger partnership, we endeavor to exceed expectations. With capacities spanning from 6,000 lbs. to 152,000 lbs., our lifts cater to a wide spectrum of vehicles, from standard automobiles to fleet maintenance requirements.

Serving North America since 1985

Since 1985, RAVAmerica has been a prominent name in the industry, renowned for its expertise in Heavy Duty Wheel Service Equipment. They are the trusted authority in serving the diverse needs of the HD and trucking sectors, providing comprehensive solutions that address every facet of these industries. Recognizing the distinct nature of the Heavy-Duty marketplace, Quantum Lift Corp. understands the importance of partnering with equipment distributors who possess specialized knowledge and experience in this field. With RAVAmerica, we are not only offering the best in Heavy Duty Tire Equipment but also provide access to a seasoned support team armed with the expertise and insights necessary for your success.