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Mohawk stands as a premier provider of heavy-duty auto lifts, renowned for setting the standard of excellence in the industry. With a reputation built on a stellar fusion of cutting-edge safety features, precision engineering, durable construction, and an industry-leading warranty, Mohawk has solidified its position as the pinnacle of lift manufacturers.

In collaboration with Mohawk Lifts, Quantum Lifts proudly presents an extensive array of Mohawk products, including their esteemed TR Series Lifts, Vertical Rise Lifts, and Parallelogram Lifts, renowned for their unparalleled power and safety features. Our strategic partnership ensures access to these cutting-edge solutions, empowering our customers with the reliability and performance synonymous with the Mohawk brand.

TR Series:

Introducing Mohawk’s Versatile Four Post Vehicle Lifts: From 19,000 to 120,000 lb. capacity.

Mohawk’s TR-19 and TR-25 four-post automotive lifts offer exceptional versatility, accommodating a wide range of vehicles, from passenger cars and trucks to utility vehicles and small RVs. With a generous 6 feet of unrestricted under-vehicle access and equipped with 20-foot runways, these lifts provide ample space for maintenance tasks. Plus, optional “wheels-free” rolling jacks allow for easy access to tires, brakes, and axles.

For heavier vehicles and public works applications, Mohawk’s TR-35 and TR-50 model lifts provide lifting capacities ranging from 35,000 to 50,000 pounds. These lifts are engineered to raise a variety of vehicles, including winged snow plow trucks, loaders, buses, and standard passenger vehicles. Featuring unparalleled under-vehicle access for all repair and maintenance needs, these lifts can also be equipped with rolling “wheels-free” jacks for tire and axle servicing.

Need even greater lifting capacity? Look no further than Mohawk’s TR-120 four-post auto and heavy-duty truck lifts, boasting lifting capacities of 120,000 pounds. These lifts feature all-position safety locks, pivoting approach ramps, and a lifting height of 6 feet 6 7/8 inches. Customization is key, and Mohawk stands ready to tailor your lift to your exact specifications.

Series includes the TR19, TR25, TR35, TR50 and TR120.

TR-19 Series

TR-25 Series

TR-35 Series

TR-50 Series

TR-120 Series

VRL Series:

Mohawk Lifts includes a selection of robust vertical rise lifts, catering to heavy-duty applications with lifting capacities ranging from 35,000 to 99,000 pounds. With track lengths spanning from 20 feet to 48 feet, these lifts are adaptable to various workspace configurations. Additionally, all models are offered in both surface mounted and flush mount designs, ensuring seamless integration with the shop floor when fully lowered.

VRL-35 Series

VRL-50 Series

VRL-50 Series

VRL-75 Series

VRL-99 Series

Parallelogram Series:

Explore Mohawk Lifts array of heavy-duty parallelogram lifts, boasting capacities ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 pounds. With track lengths ranging from 26 feet to 48 feet, these lifts accommodate various workspace dimensions. Additionally, all models are offered in surface mounted or flush mount designs, ensuring seamless integration with the shop floor when fully lowered.

50K cap.

75K cap.

100K Cap.